Which Is Better Lip-Gloss or Lipstick?

It is seen that your makeup without lipsticks is incomplete. Every woman requires a matching shade of lipstick that goes with her outfit. On the other hand, some women prefer very light makeup, and instead of choosing a lipstick for themselves, they rely on lip gloss. This matter of lip-gloss vs lipstick has been a topic of debate for years. In this article, you will come to know where and when to apply lipstick and lip-gloss and which one is better.

This will also be helpful to you in judging what kind of events require your heavy looks, whereas which one needs to have a light look of you. Let’s continue.

Difference between the lipstick and lip-gloss

Both lipsticks, as well as lip-glosses, are used at different places on different occasions. Both are designed to suit the lips of ladies. However, it depends on the choice of customers what they prefer the most. It is seen in most of the cases that for the light look or ordinary occasions, women prefer lip-gloss as they do not make the lips rough and simultaneously save you from getting deep colors on lips for a longer duration.

glossy finished lips

Lipsticks, on the other hand, gives your face an elegant look, sharpening your makeup. Lipsticks are designed for the events where you need to create a heavy look for yourself and want to have lip color for a long time. Applying lipsticks can leave patches on your lips after a few hours. For this, there are available the matte lipsticks.

Lip-gloss vs lipstick

Although lipsticks and lip-gloss have their importance yet sometimes, lip-gloss is preferred over the lipsticks. Here are the cases when you should be applying lip-gloss.

  • shade lipsWhen you have an unsteady hand
  • You are already late and have no time
  • You don’t want long-lasting lip color
  • When you desire a natural look
  • You got a plan for lip action
  • Keeping lip moisturized
  • Lip-gloss saves you from pigmentation
  • When you are looking for glossy finished lips
  • Classy looks

However, both lipstick and lip-gloss are important in their position. Ladies should apply these two products based on the occasion you will be attending. For more help, you can refer to the section stating the difference between lip-gloss and lipstick. The continuous confusion between choosing lipstick or lip-gloss can be solved here. In some cases, women are seen applying both lipsticks as well as lip-gloss, more specifically, lip-gloss over the lipstick to get the shiny desired shade lips.

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