Why Become Hair Static After Washing?

Generally, you might have noticed that your hair becomes static after washing. By static, it means they start getting attached to the comb without any force. This has a scientific reason behind this. Let us know more about this.

Why hair become static after washing?

The static hair is caused, just like it is caused in the other objects. The scientific reason behind the cause of static hair explains when the two objects are rubbed together, the transfer of electrons from one object to another takes place. In the case of hair, the electrons are present in your hair and too charged, and when you bring an uncharged comb near to your hair, the transfer of electrons starts taking place, due to which they start getting static.

What are the main causes of hair static?

Just as the static electricity works between various objects, the static phenomenon is also seen between the hairs when you wash them. Generally, it can be seen at the time of combing the hair. There are many reasons for it. Given below are some of the tricks you can use to get rid of the static sensations after hair washing. Usage of an ionic hairdryer

  • Hair spray can make the hair charge
  • Hair conditioners
  • Making use of moisturizing hair products
  • Plastic combs
  • Hair oiling
  • Use of dryer sheets


In conclusion, it can be illustrated that the above-mentioned causes of hair static and of course, no one likes that. The static in the hair can be seen while combing and might affect the weak hair. Weak hair will ultimately result in the hair fall and disintegrate the time of regrowth. Thus, to cope up with this, follow the basic steps for removing the hair static after washing and get proper shiny, smooth hair.

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