Which Hairbrush To Choose Wooden Or Plastic?

Is It Advisable To Use a Wooden Hairbrush or a Plastic Hairbrush?

Hair is a very important part of your body; it not only makes you look charming and dashing but also gives a perfect elegance to your face. No objection if you are told to take special care of them. Every small thing you use for your hair matters. From a comb to hair oil to shampoo to conditioner to hair color, everything. In this article, there is a discussion about whether to choose wooden or plastic hairbrush!

Wooden hairbrush vs plastic hairbrush

Starting from the very basic: many people have great confusion in choosing the hairbrush. It is all about wooden hairbrush vs plastic hairbrush. However, the experts recommend using a wooden hairbrush overusing the plastic ones. The wooden hairbrush is good for hair growth and initiates growing healthy hair. Plastic hair combs might seem cheap sometimes, but with the passing time, the harmful chemicals in plastic start appearing, and because of that, there is a risk that they might damage your hair from roots. There are available varieties of wooden combs in the market at affordable ranges for people to buy.

plastic hair combs

Benefits of using a wooden hairbrush

Here are some of the reasons you should be using the wooden comb instead of a plastic one.

  • wooden combsHelpful in hair growth promotion
  • Massage your scalp
  • Non-static to the hair
  • Supports hair conditioning
  • Less hair breakage
  • It is also better for the environment as the wood easily degrades and is thus decomposable compared to the plastics.

Finally, the topic of wooden hairbrush versus plastic hairbrush has made up the results of why the wooden hair combs are better. Apart from all these, it is preferred to choose a comb from a trusted company and certified by the hair expert, so you are assured that this won’t harm your scalp or hair.

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